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Meet Shannon Evans

The Scholar Coach

Shannon Evans is a dynamic, outspoken thought-leader in the area of education reform and millennials and generation Z in the workforce. Shannon presents on the topics of communication breakdown between Baby Boomers and Millennials, over parenting, the punitive design behind our education system, and why we must teach our kids leadership skills and strategies BEFORE they get to high school.

Shannon’s experiences at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level have honed her understanding of the disconnect between our current parenting styles, education system, and the work place. Her research has led her to examine how the Information Age has morphed into the Age of Transformation. Younger generations are seeking something more than a traditional college experience or job; they are seeking transformational experiences and opportunities. Her workshops are conversations about the transformative experiences this generation is seeking in their education and their careers and why that should matter to parents, our education system, and any company’s management.

Shannon started The Scholar Coach to help students find the best school fit for them so that they can have those important transformational experiences they seek. She empowers students so that they have the tools and mindset to get into the best college for them.