Is Your Child Actually Being Recruited By a College Coach?

The Truth Behind Select Camps and Tournaments and Recruiting 

Courtney played basketball at the local high school. She was tall, talented, coachable, and a great student. She played on a select team out of season and was getting playing time in front of some great Division I teams at tournaments around the country. She also got letters inviting her to “select” camps from some of those great programs. Courtney and her parents were certain she was being recruited and would shortly get an offer of a full scholarship to play at one of those schools. 

I met her parents at a tournament in the middle of her junior year and asked how she was doing academically, on her SAT’s and ACT’s, and who was recruiting her. 

“Her High School Counselor recommends waiting until they are seniors to take the tests. She’s a solid A-B student though!”

They then busily listed all the camps she had gotten invites to and attended as well as the coaches she had played in front of at various tournaments. 

I asked more probing questions, “Which of those schools has she visited?  Has she had a chance to sit down and talk to the coach there?”

“Oh, she’s too busy with her sports and school to go visit the schools. Besides, they already are interested! Why else would they keep inviting her to their select camps! When they make an offer we will go check out the schools more.” 

I ran into Courtney’s parents again the next year at Senior Awards night. I congratulated her parents on her school’s Female Athlete of the Year award. When asked what college signed her to play the parents got a bit dejected, “She didn’t get any offers. I guess all that money we spent on those tournaments and select teams were just a waste.” Mom added, “She is going to just go to the local community college first because she isn’t sure what she wants to do now. “ 

My heart ached for this child and her parents. They fell into the trap so many parents do because they have NO IDEA how the recruiting process works. Their child was in all the right places, was a coachable and talented player; however, she fell prey to the “hype” of recruiting without understanding the actual system. 

  • Select teams can be great opportunities for growth and exposure to college coaches IF you know how to leverage the tournaments and play arounds BEFORE you go! 

  • Camp invites are sent to every player on a select team around the country. Your name is on a mailing list. You are a potential customer not a potential player for their program. BUT you can leverage the camp to GET seen and evaluated by that college’s coaching staff if you do your homework BEFORE you go.

  • You have to visit colleges and get to meet coaches BEFORE your senior year in High School. In some cases coaches fill their rosters for your graduating class BEFORE Christmas of your Junior year of high school. 

If you want to learn more about the recruiting process and find out if your child is truly being recruited in their sport, call me to set up a free 20 minute call to talk.