College Search and Application Overwhelm: The Pressure is Real!

Do you feel like you and your college bound child are having power struggles over the college application process? 

Is your High School Junior not even thinking about colleges to visit much less attend? 

Is your High School Senior dragging their heels about writing their college essays, filling in scholarship and school applications, or asking for the all-import teacher recommendations? 

I recently spoke with a mom who is concerned that her child who is "dragging her heels" in the college search process. She wonders if her child is even ready for college if she is not more proactive in the process. 

I asked the mom a few questions about what she and her daughter had done so far to begin simply creating a list of schools to visit. The mom looked up sheepishly and admitted, "Oh my gosh! I am just totally overwhelmed by all the schools that a simple search pops up..." She paused and then smacked her forehead, "If I am this overwhelmed, I can't imagine how my daughter must feel! This is absolutely crazy making!  How can kids carry a rigorous school load, play sports, do community service, and all the other things they are told are important to college applications and have time to breathe much less search for colleges! She already is up until after 11 most nights doing homework! I need help with all this! I don't know how to help her find the information much less the time." 

This mom's reaction is not unusual and it is exactly why I do what I do! The college search and admissions process has changed so drastically in the last 10 years. The application pool is larger and more qualified than ever before, yet the number of available freshman spaces have not increased. The standards for admissions keep shifting and changing and getting more rigorous with each passing year. 

The college application process is daunting but it doesn't have to be that way! Let me help you. I would love to answer your questions and help you get your child started on the path to the right school that is the best fit for them. 

Email me or set up a time to ask your questions.

Let me help you "de-stress" the college search and application process. 

Shannon Evans