Top 3 Myths of the College Admissions Process

Myth #1 Colleges want well-rounded students. 

Yes and No. Colleges want great kids who are likable and likely to fit in and succeed with the schools existing population of fellow students and with the school’s culture. 

What does that mean to your student? It means they don’t HAVE to:

  • Take all AP courses including every STEM course offered just because it “looks good” on a transcript.

  • Letter in 3 sports every year.

  • Be president of your class every year.

  • Volunteer 40 hours a week.

  • Attend religious services 3xweek and go on every mission trip offered. 

  • Be fluent in 4 languages and cure cancer all by the end of your Junior year of High School. 

Colleges want kids who are great human beings, solid students, and who are devoted to something greater than themselves. They want future students who have passion, grit, and are self-starters. 

Myth #2 Essays don’t matter that much…just high grades and high test scores.

When everyone who is applying has similar test scores and grades, the distinguishing factor for the admissions review team is the essay. The essay can make or break a student’s chance with the admissions review team. 

It isn’t about impressing the reader with your writing skills. It IS about telling your story in a way that the reader gets to know who you are and your perspective of your world…in 650 words or less!

Myth #3 Admissions officers will never check my FB/Instagram/Twitter posts. 

They will and they do! The more competitive the school, the more they will want to know about you and your online persona is a good way for them to peek and find “the real you.” 

A good rule of thumb for your social media presences is: 

Would your aunt or grandmother be embarrassed by your posts/photos on social media? 

If so it might be a good idea to get busy scrubbing some old posts and start posting pictures and memes with kitties and puppies and unicorns and positive affirmations! 

If you are curious about how the admissions process works and want to get your questions answered please set up a 20 minute appointment with me to discuss your ideas, concerns, and get some answers!